The immature and therefore fragile immune system of babies makes them especially vulnerable to the effects of pollution in all its forms. Be aware of this and act accordingly as far as possible can make a big difference.

Experts warn of the danger of exposure to smaller foreign or domestic sources of air pollution or, for example, those found in food, toys, accessories or on the same hygiene products.

PollutionIt is not to be alarmed, but to have reliable information that goes beyond the standard precautions taken in order to take measures that will help us prevent problems of toxicity involving pollution.

Basically, pollution is the presence of an external factor (chemical or energy substances such as pesticide residues, CO2, light or noise) in a balanced natural environment that causes instability and any harm or discomfort in the middle environment, understood as an ecosystem where there are living things, in this case, focusing on the human being.

It manifests itself in many different ways, from allergic reactions, dermatitis, autism, respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease, among other diseases of varying severity. In fact, science continues to advance the study of the consequences of pollution on the weaker groups, such as patients, convalescents, pregnant women, infants and young children.

Before birth

From conception and the effects of pollution are suffering. The fetus, so, pollutants can be affected by external sources and internally as a result of the involvement of the mother.

Feeding the mother is important for this reason. Going further, ideally should take care of food and lifestyle in general from before conception. Both men and women, which makes sense, because the concept involves both the oocyte and the spermatozoon.

What the mother eats and cosmetics or personal care products used during pregnancy is considered essential for the development of the fetus does not encounter difficulties as a result of pollution elements that are toxic. For example, heavy metals in fish enchant, pesticide residues of vegetables …

As is well known, bad habits such as snuff, also influence fetal development and sequel in children who then dragged lifetime are observed. It also affects pregnant women who are passive smokers and future babies. This is a type of contamination that can not always be avoided.

Atmospheric pollution

Air pollution is a serious danger to pregnant women. According to a recent Swedish study, even moderate pollution, which was within allowable limits, could cause an increase in blood sugar presence among pregnant women living near highways or industrial areas.

The risk of gestational diabetes increased 70 percent among those living in areas where there was more traffic and babies suffering from oxidative stress caused by this, because it produces an inflammation that weakens the defenses.

Countless studies confirm the need for effective policies in reducing environmental risk factors that threaten the health of pregnant women and the fetus.

Moreover, air pollution is sometimes behind children with low birth weight and congenital heart defects affecting newborns. Malformations occurred during development in the womb, according to a study by researchers at the University of Alberta, Canada.

Food, cosmetics and accessories

Bisphenol A is a component that has been banned in baby bottles and other baby accessories, but still is used to make food containers such as bottles or Tupperware. The alternator is another kind of packaging, idealization glass or stainless steel, and always prefer fresh food to packaged, and the same applies to water. Pregnant women and children should avoid canned foods, because it is also used for coating cans.


portable baby swing

Not too long ago I purchased a portable baby swing for my new born baby, My previous knowledge on how to choose the best portable baby swing for my new born assisted me a lot in making my choice.

Setting it up wasn’t difficult as I carefully went through the detailed users guide that came with it.

I set the swing up in a place that is visible to all and within my line of vision when am in the kitchen, I set it up away from the window to prevent rays of the sun, I made sure the floor is smooth and even and not the sloppy part of the house and I made sure the place is free from pets to prevent tripping over the legs of the frame.

The portable swing I acquired is battery operated and the batteries are readily available, it uses a 5 point harness that support both the baby’s upper and lower body, It has a weight limit of 25 pounds which is equivalent to 11kg.

The seat is easily removable and the material is washable, the seat is adjustable into near full reclining and upright position.

The swing motion is adjustable and the direction is from front to back. The swing doesn’t make creaking noise when in motion allowing my baby to enjoy her nap.

The frame is made up of metal and the legs are not too long to prevent tripping over it in the dark. The base of the frame is wide to provide more stability and it folds up easily into small size.

The swing has additional features such as canopy to prevent sunlight when on excursion and also to make my baby less distracted thereby falling asleep faster, Music player to keep the baby occupied when awake.

The swing has a year warranty and I purchased it at a very cheap price.

So far, I haven’t had any disappointment in the portable swing I acquired considering the loads of discouragement I got from some mothers before buying it, a mother once told me that it is not safe, but I think what is not safe is trying to calm your crying baby with one hand and cooking with the other, what is not safe is you burning the food because you have to quickly go and attend to your wailing baby.

Even grandmother was impressed when we visited her the other day, I took the swing along and when we got there I set it up in a corner, baby fell asleep and I was able to help grandmother with cooking, cleaning and laundry while checking on my baby from time to time. After cleaning I decided to take a nap on the couch, I fed my baby, changed her diapers and placed the swing in front of the couch where I can easily touch her and hear her soft breath. By the time we woke up, we were fully rested and happy. A HAPPY MOTHER AND CHILD MAKES A HAPPY HOME.

Christine brooks recipes

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How does air fryer reduce fat ?


You probably often wonder what can be done in order to get more fit and not exercise every day. In other words, is it possible to get skinnier with just eating healthier? Well, I guess that is possible if you have the right tools to do so. One of those tools that can help you with reducing fat is the newest piece of technology called Air Fryer. Well, it is not that new and has been here for more than ten years. However, it is constantly updated and it slowly becomes the most logical answer to the question of reducing fat. So how does Air Fryer reduce fat?

Everything is hidden in the mechanism that operates behind the Air Fryer. That technology was able to give us the benefits of eating the same amount of food every day and enjoying all of it and still lose kilograms. The answer lies in the fact that you do not use oil in order to create any kind of food when preparing it in Air Fryer. How is that possible? Well with the system of the hot air circulating throughout the fryer.

What is the mechanism behind reducing fat?

When frying in the ordinary Deep Fryer you need to deep your French fries in the oil and fry them that way. This is not only unhealthy but will also make you fat in no time. However, what most of you don’t know is the fact that French fries as well as much other food prepared in fryers have its own natural oil which is neither unhealthy nor fattening. Furthermore it is very healthy and the quantity of that oil is just the exact amount each person should take every day.

Airfryer managed to make the food fry itself in its own oil. That is done with this circling air mechanism. Every person sweats if it is very how outside and his or her temperature rises. Luckily for us, it has never been that hot that we had to fry ourselves – but French fries are not that lucky. Therefore, the temperature of the hot air circling is so hot that it will basically make the food fry itself with the oil that it already has as a natural part of it.

How does that reduce fat?

The math is simple in this case. The most fattening part of every food is actually the oil which is added in order to make the food tasty and fried well. However, with this new invention that was not necessary anymore because that problem was solved with the food frying in its own fat. Now, I am not saying that you can eat as much as you can because everything in abundance is not good for you, but you can certainly enjoy a bite or two more of your favorite fried food and still not worry whether you will get fat or even obese.

What is the proper way to prepare the food with reduced fat?

Pretty much the same pattern follows all the food that is being prepared in the Airfryer. Once you put clean it and put it in, you wait for a certain period of time and eventually add a drop of two of oil if it is absolutely necessary. Once your food is golden brown in color you can take it out and serve it while it is hot. Just don’t forget to clean the Airfryer afterwards in order for it to be efficient again and again.

To sum up, obesity is the number one problem not only in The United States but in other western countries as well. Furthermore, some eastern countries are unaware of this problem and do not do anything to prevent the rising number of obese people in their land. I am not claiming that a device such as Airfryer can reduce the number of obese people but it certainly can help preventing this problem with its new technology of hot air circulating in a container and heating the food until it fries itself in its own natural and healthy oil. If you have problems with obesity I wholeheartedly recommend buying yourself an Airfryer as a mean of achieving healthy diet.